Executive coaching

Coaching is a dynamic two-way process that helps individuals and teams set out goals and supports them in getting there. The approach is tailored to each client and is adjusted as necessary as the coaching programme progresses. Each session provides a confidential, non-judgemental space in which the coachee can explore options, try out new behaviours, and review what is working. It can address specific learning needs, such as presentation skills, or it can be used on a more fundamental level, for example to develop leadership competencies.

what can coaching help with?

These are just some of the areas in which I have helped clients to progress:

Leadership Communications Career building
Managing teams Team development Building a business
Personal branding Confidence Dealing with stress
Achieving targets Work/life balance Goal-setting
Influencing skills Time management Managing upwards
Customer service Prioritisation Lifestyle issues
Strategic thinking Managing emotions Public speaking

I also offer redundancy and career coaching.

what you can expect from me

I provide a bespoke programme that is tailored to your needs. I am professional but approachable, and provide the coachee with a sounding board, motivation, accountability and support. I reframe ideas and challenge as needed, and provide insights and give help with the use of NLP and Cognitive Behaviour techniques. I also offer psychometric assessment and exploration. I provide business mentoring when needed, and am a firm believer in the importance of efficient and appropriate communications across all levels of business. With this in mind, I bring communications expertise to the sessions and combine this with the coaching to deliver results.

the coachee’s role

Coachees need to come to our coaching sessions with an open mind and be happy to progress change and personal or team development between sessions, with my support. I am more than happy to meet coachees before hand to establish rapport and check that the relationship is one in which they can work effectively.


In order to make best use of the coaching process, confidentiality is important. Before the coaching relationship begins, a feedback process is agreed between the coachee and the client/manager. This ensures that the coachee is happy with what is to be fed back, the client/manager can evaluate effectiveness, and that the coachee has a confidential and non-judgemental space in which to move forward.