Client feedback

“Claire is passionate about coaching and people development. She has a huge appetite for learning and is always looking to hone her skills. Claire takes the time to understand her clients’ talents and strengths and then works with them to help them to achieve their goals. Claire has invested heavily in developing her coaching skills, as a result she will find she is a talented individual with lots of integrity. I would highly recommend her!”

— Norman Greenwald, Head of Organisational Development, Circle Housing Group

“Claire really made a difference to my professional and personal life, when I first became a manager, by helping me to find my own answers and solutions to a number of issues. She always took the time to talk through any problem, however big or small. This included time management, dealing with difficult situations (and people), the challenges of taking on a more senior role and all round effective people management. Several years later I recently had 360 degree feedback at work, and many of the things that I scored highly on are down to the support and coaching that Claire gave me. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire.”

— Dominic Ridley-Moy, Campaigns and Marketing Manager, London Borough of Havering

“I have sought Claire’s wise counsel on a number of occasions. Claire is intelligent, enthusiastic and positive in all that she does. Claire is calm but determined in her working style. I wholeheartedly recommend Claire.”

— James Cooke, London

“Claire’s coaching support has been invaluable in moving me on in facilitating my growth in my health, career and personal life.  I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be, but the results I have experienced have been beyond my expectations.”

— Kate, London

“I worked with Claire and her calm and caring approach made me feel at ease to discuss the areas I needed to take steps to resolve and improve. After the session I felt like a weight had been lifted and that I had the tools and the strategy to move forward to make the changes I needed to make to improve my life in key areas. I certainly have felt the difference – and often reference the reminders I had from Claire about the goals I set myself. As a result of the coaching I’ve got a much healthier work life balance, take better care of my well being and health also feel less inclined to sweat the small stuff and much more happy – and I’ve also met Mr Right! I knew what I wanted to change, I just needed some support and direction to achieve those goals and a bit of a “spring clean” and action plan to motivate myself to do it. Claire helped me lay the foundations for this to happen”.

— J Smith, Finsbury Park

“Claire coached me when I had just been promoted at work and this support was invaluable in helping me to feel more confident about my new role and to ignore the niggling doubts.

Claire’s approach really made me feel at ease and I was able to achieve a much better work/life balance as a result of the sessions – something I had been striving towards for a long while. I would thoroughly recommend coaching as it’s a great way to find solutions and reach your full potential.”

— Suzy Hill, Norwich

“I was recommended to contact Claire at a time when I was really having difficulties with my career. I really felt I was lacking direction and nothing was getting me fired up. I didn’t really know what to expect and found it difficult to speak at first but Claire really put me at ease and my inhibitions fell away (phone sessions are good for this). Rather than telling me what to do (which is what I thought I wanted), Claire enabled me to find the answers myself and gave me some great ideas along the way – she had a lot of practical advice and really opened my mind up to things that I hadn’t thought of before. I came away with both short term plans and long term goals and felt extremely positive. I realised that I had been viewing my present and past situation very negatively, but after the session, Claire helped me to ‘re-brand’ myself for future employees and consider my past career choices in a different light. All in all, I felt 100 percent better, plus it was great to be able to talk about myself for a whole hour and a half without feeling guilty! I am now in a great job and have a clearer idea of what I want my future to hold. I would recommend Claire’s services.”

— L Brown, London