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Changing track – approaching a career change

Feeling jaded with your career? … read more

— October 17, 2011
Time off and what to do with it

Whether you work full time or part time, and if you love, loathe or just feel indifferent about your job, working takes it out of us.   … read more

— July 25, 2011
Finding time for the big things

What is the one thing everyone wants to improve at work?  Finding time for the big things. These things may not necessarily be big in terms of how long they take, but their impact is big, and they are important.  Whatever your level, managing your time and putting your energy into the right things is key to moving on and up.  But what are the big things? … read more

— May 22, 2011
Redundant but not out!

The potential impact of redundancy should not be played down. It can affect your life in every way, and impacts on your family. But it’s also an opportunity to change things and to move on. … read more

— April 25, 2011
The ultimate cure for executive stress…

Are you feeling stressed?  Too much to do?  Too much to think about?  Imagine you can step into a bubble where all this will just melt away.   That by spending just one hour in the bubble you could come away with decreased heart rate and blood pressure, increased … read more

— March 21, 2011
In pursuit of the paperless desk…

What does your desk look like at the moment?  Clean and clutter free?  Hole punch and desk tidy all following feng shui principles?  Even if you start off the day nice and tidy, or are lucky enough to have a PA to organise you, chances are that by the end of … read more

— February 8, 2011
Talking to the room – mastering public speaking

When I speak to potential clients about coaching, the one thing that so many of you want to master seems to be public speaking. To some of us it comes naturally, but to most it seems to be the thing that strikes fear into our very core! It could be … read more

— January 26, 2011
Climbing the ladder

With employers cutting back on posts and redundancies increasing, your goal may be more about holding on to your job rather than climbing the ladder. Those senior roles may be more elusive as a result, but that is all the more reason to plan your … read more

— January 12, 2011
Increase your energy, take a break

With the end of the summer holidays in recent memory, I thought it might be topical to write a blog about taking regular breaks.  Maybe it is a while before your next holiday?  I know that some of you find it a challenge to tackle the daily routine again and again without having … read more

— October 14, 2010
Seven Confidence Tricks

Got a big meeting coming up that has you quaking in your boots? Want to ask for a payrise but secretly not sure if you deserve it? Or do you just need a bit of help being assertive in saying “no” to your extended family who want to come and stay during your only quiet … read more

— May 17, 2010