working with you to…

grow leaders
build talent
develop teams
fulfil potential
enable learning
deliver objectives

I work with individuals and teams to transform your organisation and take it to the next stage.

I bring a unique blend of executive coaching and communications expertise.

Communications underpins every area of business and the coaching environment is an effective way to review and improve this individually.

I deliver bespoke programmes to develop all areas of leadership, management and team building.

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Changing track – approaching a career change

Want to change career? Read on for some useful advice…

— October 17, 2011
Time off and what to do with it

Whether you work full time or part time, and if you love, loathe or just feel indifferent about your job, working takes it out of us.  

— July 25, 2011
Finding time for the big things

Need more time? Read on for a book recommendation that deals with this, and a review of what it says.

— May 22, 2011

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